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God Love the NBA…..

18 Jun

So being that my brother had a small wager on the NBA finals this year, we decided to dedicate an hour of our lives to watching last night’s game 7 matchup between the historic Lakers and Celtics franchise. (Note – this will be the longest span of basketball viewing since the glory days of MJ and the “sixpeat” of my youth). In such a short span, I have to say that of all professional athletes, basketball players are an absolute JOKE. Lucky for me, I have the perfect case study to prove my point – Ron Artest.

Lets relive last night, your team just one the coveted championship trophy, you nail a clutch 3 point shot at a pivotal moment of the game, its interview time, and the first thing you can think to say to millions of people viewing at home is “thanks to my homeboys”? – Really – your homeboys? Not your parents, a coach growing up that had an impact on you or even….ummm…..geee……YOUR TEAMMATES? Nah, that would make too much sense, obviously his gun toting, money leaching “crew” had much more impact on his championship win.

Moving on to his next “thanks” – his SHRINK! – I am surprised he didn’t have ABC flash his therapist contact details on the bottom of the screen, I am sure there could have been a few hundred grand in it for him. Where are you at in your life, that after winning a championship one of the first people you can think about to thank is your shrink?

And last but not least, we couldn’t end the nationwide interview without plugging the new “single” about to “drop” later on this week? – Has Jay Z ever attempted to play professional basketball – what is it with these guys that being one of the elite 1% of athletes in the country being not enough? If I could have, I would have jumped through the TV and punched him in the face, we all know Ronnie Boy is comfortable exchanging blows with his fan base.
You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can never take the ghetto out of the boy, I don’t care how many millions you pay him!


“Enough with the BP Oil Spill…..Shit Happens!”

17 Jun

What is it with this country that all it takes is a couple of oil covered Pelicans on the news to get everyone in an uproar? What purpose on this world do Pelicans actually serve. You can’t really eat them; I don’t ever remember grilling up any Buffalo Pelican wings in my day? I guess I find it funny…..all of the ridiculous chatter about “boycotting BP gasoline” – coming from your usual suspects. College kids who pretty much refuse to graduate, find a job, and actually contribute so society – and bored housewives who conveniently forget that their Tahoe EXT they drive to 300 soccer practices a week actually requires…errr…ummmm….OIL to get from place to place!

We are a nation of consumption, every last one of us. I don’t care how many miles per gallon your stupid ugly ass Prius gets, unless 100% of the food you eat is grown in your backyard, you make your own clothes, and still use candles at night – you’re just as guilty as I am!  New flash people – humans are fallible, and sometimes there is a price to pay for the lives we lead! Personally, I would sacrifice an entire population of Pelicans, and maybe even club a baby seal or two if it would bring gas prices down to the good old days of $.99 per gallon.

So, if it makes you feel better, Boycott BP, even better join the “Boycott BP” group on Facebook you crazy eco friendly son of a bitch! Because without people like you, who waste away their days worrying about the stupidest shit, while at the same time contributing little or nothing to the real world, I wouldn’t have anything to rant about!

How many words will i say to the brunette at Esporta’s Front Desk today?

19 May

“not too bad!”

19 May

Straight from the BG’s mouth..

“I come up with a bio and

We can do body shots of me while I progress through my physique..

And the more comments the more picss!!

What’s your thoughts”

you want some of this b-gorzilla?

19 May

hey – my name is Johnny Nog-insky. i’m a grade-A blonde fricking gorilla. i wear a size large t-shirt. PSYCHE! i really wear a small.. 🙂 check me out..

More to come… stay tuned..

Hello world!

19 May

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